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Bunga Bunga Bingo Bingo!

Bunga Bunga Battersea | Battersea

Bada Bingo Bada Boom!

Upcoming events: Dec 4th, Jan 16th & 30th! Bunga Bingo will then be running weekly from February 2019!

Join us for a night of fabulous Bunga Bingo where we’ll give you the opportunity to win amazing Bunga prizes! Hosted by the loose-lipped Mamma Bunga and her son Luigi, expect a night of madness, confetti, dancing and more madness. With a variety of epic prizes such as limoncello, Bunga hats, a ball pit table with fizz and even a Fiat 500, you have everything to play for! From £10, enjoy two hours of bingo and other Bunga games, delizioso Italian food and drinks, and the chance to win AMAZING prices!

But the party doesn’t stop there… Sing and dance the night away on our Bunga karaoke machine, where you’ll be able to choose from 1000s of songs to end the night on a high (winner or not)!

Bingo ticket: £10pp
Bingo ticket + Pizza: £19pp