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Summertime Spectacular

Welcome aboard your Bunga Airways flight at Bunga Bunga Covent Garden…
Final Summertime Spectacular show on the 31st of August

Your Bunga Airways Package

Last few weeks remaining of the Summertime Spectacular show!

This summer, your all-inclusive Bunga Airways package includes a four-course Mediterranean meal, a variety of immersive in-flight entertainment, karaoke, DJs and more! Sit back, relax and enjoy our live Summertime Spectacular show with an ice-cold Italian Culo in hand, before you bask in the sun (I mean, spotlight…) for late-night karaoke. Then, don’t forget to utilise that extra legroom as you get down and dirty, dancing late into those summer nights!

Don’t miss your chance to see the ultimate summer show before the 31st of August!

In-flight Entertainment

This summer, Bunga Bunga wants to bring the Italian Riviera to YOU!

This flight is ready to take off and it’s going to be a bumpy one! In-flight entertainment will include an incredible selection of crazy variety acts, from contortionists and aerial artists to the hilariously funny, weird and wonderful! Try your hand at the in-flight passenger announcements, as our flight attendants hand you the microphone for late-night karaoke! And, for those of you who were planning on getting some shut-eye on your flight… we’re sorry to say our live band will be keeping you up Fridays & Saturdays, and our DJ spinning those tunes nightly!

In-flight Food Package

 An immersive in-flight dining experience...

Forget those tiny trays of aeroplane food – our in-flight meals come by the metre! Metre-long pizza… Stay seated and enjoy four whole courses of authentic Italian cuisine, while the Bunga cabin crew provide you with a full bar service of refreshing summer beverages.

Late-Night Flight

Unfasten your seat belts from 10pm...

We’re about to turn the lights down on this flight… Use your one-way ticket to Bunga stardom as you step on stage for karaoke, before you dance your way through those long summer nights to our in-flight DJ! It’s time for the seatbelt signs to turn off just in time for some complimentary turbulence, as the cabin crew throw Bunga-style surprises at you until the early hours.

Private Summer Parties

Wanna host the summer party of the year...?

Prefer to travel by private jet? The cabin crew are on hand to cater for any occasion, with everything from light canapés to refreshing ice-cold drinks! With luxurious decor and a ceiling of twinkling lights, you and your guests can bask under the Italian Riviera’s night sky. Lounge in the Disaronno Boat as you experience life at sea, or alternatively enjoy a semi-private experience in The Martini Room, complete with a ‘Push for Prosecco’ button.


Covent Garden
167 Drury Lane London WC2B 5PG
Nearest tube station: Covent Garden & Holborn
020 7590 3602

Closed today
Wednesday7.00pm - 12.00am
Friday8.00pm - 3.00am
Saturday12.00pm - 3.00am