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Covent Garden

How do I contact Bunga Covent Garden?
When is Bunga Bunga Covent Garden open?
What is the best way to get to Bunga Covent Garden?
What is the difference between Bunga Covent Garden and BungaTINI?
What is the largest party size you can accommodate?
Do you serve gluten-free pizza?
Do you have vegetarian options?
Do you have vegan options?
How does the set menu work? Do we need to pre-order?
What do you do for Birthdays?
Can we bring our own cake?
What is your music policy?
What is the entertainment?
How does Bungaoke work?
Can you wear trainers? What is the dress code?
What time do you close?
What time does the kitchen close?
Do you have to be over 21?
Why is it called Bunga Bunga?
Can I just book for drinks?
Do you have a private dining room?
What's our cancellation policy?
How do I get on the late-night guestlist?